September 28, 2014

A low-key Saturday night supper, with Call The Midwife on Netflix

When work is being especially challenging, I make it a point on the weekends to do absolutely nothing — as much as doing nothing is possible, that is. I never actually managed to make it to the mall this afternoon — or make banoffee pie.

I did get my passport photos taken for a tourist visa I need to book for an upcoming trip to China and I battled the crowds at the Apple store to pick up a new router — the Airport I have is ten years old. TMI, sorry.

Anyhoo. Most of the time, doing nothing as much as possible involves Netflix and low-effort food that can be eaten out of a bowl. With a spoon.

Tonight, it was pasta (two shapes!) with a homemade tomato-basil sauce (no cooking required — just some tomato puree, garlic oil, Maldon sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, and some basil) tossed together in some Tupperware — because, I figured, if I just ate it out of a giant plastic resealable container, I wouldn't have to repatriate any leftovers, I could just slap a lid on and pop it in the fridge afterwards. Yes, that pretty much sums up how lazy (yet efficient) I can be.

So that was my Saturday night in: a warm bowl of orecchiette and rigatoni in Gladware with season three of Call The Midwife on Netflix. The best.

What's your go-to lazy weekend-on-the-sofa supper?