August 25, 2013

Best Day Ever

Here's what I did in Vegas today: woke up early, skipped the gym, breakfasted at the Wynn Buffet (my favorite!), went to Barneys, talked about dogs with the sales associate (her Yorkie is the cutest), tried on dresses at Topshop in the Fashion Show Mall, spent a half hour poking around ABC there, bought some Hawaiian bread. Dropped my bags off at the hotel just as it started to rain, picked up my Boyz II Men ticket at the Mirage, walked over to Caesars for a paw through end-of-summer merch at Scoop (so good). Had a late lunch at Carmine's (penne a la vodka) and came back to the hotel hoping to lay out by the pool—but it was too cloudy and the pool was a nightmare scene. Took a nap instead. THEN Boyz II Men, which was amazing—I'd see that show 100 times.

Best. Day. Ever.