July 08, 2012

Chicago cab driver wisdom

When I was in Chicago last year, I went to Whole Foods and, when I came out, it was raining. So I hailed a cab to take me back to my hotel.

My driver told me that his brother—also a taxi driver—had paid an extended visit to China a few years back and had fallen in love with a woman who worked in a restaurant somewhere in a small town in the middle of nowhere. She didn't speak English. The brother, being American and, obviously, an infomercial aficionado, told her about Rosetta Stone. She was into it. So the brother wrote to my taxi driver and asked him to buy and send the $500+ software to China—which he did.

The only problem? This woman didn't have a computer—in fact, she'd never even used a computer before. No big deal, says the brother, who then has my taxi driver buy and ship a laptop to China.

Here's what happens next: The woman teaches herself how to use a computer, nails Rosetta Stone (English) in two months flat, marries this brother guy, moves to Norway (?) with him, gets a college degree and a masters, pops out two kids who turn out to be math geniuses or something like that.

The lesson, according to my Chicago cab driver? If you want smart kids, marry a smart woman.