May 08, 2012

T-16 Hours

Time was when I could meticulously plan an entire Paris Fashion Week's worth of outfits and cram it into a Vuitton carry-all duffel. These days, I can barely be bothered to think more than 24 hours worth of outfits ahead.

Here is how packing goes for me now: About 18 hours before I'm scheduled to depart for overseas (or anywhere for more than a quick weekend) I throw a bunch of dresses, two sweaters, a half-dozen pairs of shoes, one book, travel documents, a clutch, an umbrella, and a tote bag into a suitcase—carry-on if I'm going somewhere domestic, check-in if I'm going somewhere I'm planning on doing a major shop (Paris, London, anywhere not domestic).

I put my handwashing in the sink. Because I never have any handwashing powder, I use shampoo.

In the morning I grab my phone and iPad chargers, my handwashing off the drying line and go.

Most of the time I will forget something important.