October 03, 2011


My day: On my way to meet Gary and Hitomi for brunch in the West Village, I ran into Claudine, who I haven't seen since New Year's Eve 2010, which we spent in an ice storm at Danny's house in Bucks County. At brunch I met a girl whose life story is one of the most interesting -- and, uh, sitcom-ready -- I'd ever heard.

Popped by the Eater Lounge at the Dream Hotel, where I schmoozled with my co-workers over delicious sandwiches, Sprinkles cupcakes, and prosciutto and fig pizza. Seriously, I can't get enough of those crazy kids. Love them.

Onwards to Myers of Keswick for beverages -- a Tizer for Gary and a Ribena for me -- and then a late afternoon showing of "What's Your Number?" which was super-funny. I love Anna Faris. Also I ran into Emmy, who I've been running into a lot lately.

Dinner at L'Annam, where I ran into Eunice, an old friend from -- wait for it -- junior high school. Seriously, we haven't seen each other since 1991, but we recognized each other immediately. Both of us apparently look exactly the same as when we were, um, 13.

And after dinner cups of tea at Grey Dog.

Big day, big day. I don't usually run into anyone I know, anywhere, but looks like the tides are turning. Also, diet note: my strategy lately has been to eat super-healthy Mondays through Fridays and then spend all weekend making up for it. I might have to get a bit stricter this week since I may have overdone it with the Skittles this weekend.