October 15, 2011

How do you leave a job you love?

This is what I look at everyday. To my right, there's Lock and the sales and bus dev team. Behind all those black monitors on the right are Team Eater NY and Team Curbed NY. Behind the blue pillar on the left are Team Curbed National and Team Eater National.

Scanning counter-clockwise, here's a shelf of stuff. It's mostly cookbooks and Eater Shitshow T-shirts. And liquor. And breakfast cereal.

"Hey Tiffany, pretend to work while I take your photograph." We have Momo cookies on the right, Courreges Evian on the left. And my desk lamp. Lock thinks it's hilarious.

To my left, it's Racked NY Editor Izzy and her intern Danielle. Behind that red pillar is the bathroom where the ceiling used to cave in every day around 3 p.m. No joke.

Here's our lounge area where many hours of soccer, baseball, and Oprah watching happened. Also, those are our stairs up to the Foursquare kitchen, where they have free snacks and coconut water.

Hola tech people. Notice the bizarre green on the chairs in the conference room. Who chose that color? I guess now I'll never know.

And then there's Hard Candy Shell, with whom the Curbed Network share a loft space. They're really smart and good at what they do, plus they almost always all go out to lunch together, which I think makes for a really nice sense of camaraderie in a working environment.

The end. Bye Curbed HQ #36Coop.