June 22, 2011

Packing dreams

A few months ago I had this terrible nightmare that I was about to come home from a work trip and had to pack my entire hotel room, but I had too much stuff and not enough time before my car came to take me to the airport. So, in my dream, I was really panicked and was running around the hotel room trying to stuff dozens of handbags and shoes into suitcases and duffel bags. I woke up from this dream completely stressed out, fists clenched, the whole bit.

Last night I had another packing dream, but instead of my clothes and shoes, I had left my assistant to pack up a roomful of clothing samples from different brands and PR agencies. In my dream, I'd gone off for the day to work on another project, a photoshoot, I think, and when I came back to the room there were only a few minutes left to get everything sent off and my assistant was just dawdling around, doing nothing. Of course, I went into a tailspin again, had to pack everything myself, while my assistant stood there, uselessly. In my dream, I fired her.

What does this all mean?

Oh, and two nights ago I dreamt that I found a famous rapper's black Amex.