March 05, 2011

On Whole Foods.

Things that are different about Whole Foods in Chicago (vs Whole Foods in NY): the coconut water craze doesn't seem to have hit here yet (read: there aren't many varieties available); no papaya; much smaller fish section; much larger meat section; lots and lots and lots of varieties of kettle corn—like, at least five different brands; bulk buy cereals, nuts, dried fruits, and other yummy stuff (good); bags have skimpier handles; no plastic containers at the salad bar; they don't use tape at the register so if you have a container that might open, they just put it in a plastic bag and, well, when you get home it's probably opened; they don't have vegan-no-oil choices in the prepared food section; the parfaits are different (i.e. smaller and made of custard). Good news is that 1L bottles of Pellegrino are much cheaper here—$1.69 vs NY's $2.29+. Oh, also no Volvic. But I got some Naya, which I haven't seen anywhere outside Canada since, like, 2004.