November 21, 2010

New project

So I had this idea, after (finally) seeing Take Ivy in full this August, to come up to Dartmouth and have a root around the yearbook archives to see what sort of photos I could find depicting college life in the pretty vast period between the late-1930s and co-education in 1971. I've been putting it off and putting it off, mostly because of scheduling issues, but now finally I'm up here in Hanover. This Monday to Wednesday is also going to be the first time I'm taking a vacation from work since we launched Racked National this February—I'm pretty thrilled to have a holiday from blogging and will try to keep myself from obsessively checking the site to make sure it hasn't burned down. Anyway, I'm excited about this project and am working on finding a good internet home for some of the photos I find. I've been putting some things up at Tumblr (, and I feel like Tumblr is the right home for this sort of thing, but I'm not entirely sold on any of the themes available on the site. I may move it to Blogspot. I'm going to keep playing around with layouts today and maybe take a long walk around Occom Pond this afternoon. Ah, country life.