August 26, 2010

Is it only Wednesday?

These days I have to consciously force myself to stop working in the evenings. Trying not to burn out too early in the semester. Today:

- Woke up, blog
- 12:15 to 1:30 meeting in midtown
- Conference call
- Blog
- Get sandwiches with Izzy at PEEL, new place just opened today by the Freeman's people. The sandwiches and baked goods are delicious, you should go.
- Blog
- Blog
- Home, blog
- Make noodles, eat noodles
- Prepare notes for tomorrow's lecture
- Prepare notes for tomorrow's VMan meeting
- Sleep

I'm anxious for tomorrow because, in the afternoon, I'll be doing an interview and writing up a story I actually care a great deal about, and I want to make sure it's right.

Also, I've been eating a lot of noodles lately, and I should probably stop.