August 24, 2010

I spend a lot of time sitting in front of screens.

In fact, I spent nearly my entire day sitting in front of screens. This is what I did today:

- Woke up, blogged
- Ran to a morning interview, was very late, had a great talk about ideas and stuff.
- Picked up a salad and went home and ate half of it while blogging
- Went to the office and blogged some more
- Talked on the phone with MW from A Continuous Lean; he is one of my favorite people ever.
- Ate birthday cake, happy birthday Larry.
- Blogged some more, had a few cups of tea
- Sent a bunch of emails asking for price quotes
- Blogged some more
- Got home, turned on my desktop computer
- Made some noodles. Ate some noodles.
- Tried to flesh out a new book proposal
- Answered 12 text messages
- Sent a million requests for VMan
- Checked Facebook
- Wrote this post

Next I'm going to deliberately shut down my computer just so I'll stop staring at a screen. But who's kidding who. I'm probably just going to lie down and look at my Kindle. Man, I need a vacation.