August 17, 2010

Everything changes

It's crazy how everything changes so fast. Tonight I went out to meet up with some old friends -- we were all close as anything two years ago, went our separate ways, and tonight we got together for one big reunion because JR is skipping town and heading home for keeps. There were never any falling outs, never any fights, never any bad feelings. Growing apart is so easy; Jourdan says it's New York, but I don't know. I have friends-for-a-lifetime here. Lifers aren't the friends you have to try hard with, they're not the ones who demand to see you, who ever question the relationship, and we never take offense when plans fall through or there's a three month break. Maybe growing up here, I don't know how to be codependent. Maybe the people who stay awhile and leave are just far more socialized than living in New York allows them to be. It's funny how you can be so close to people and, after a while, they'll just drift out of your life for good. Eventually I guess I'd like to go too.