August 10, 2010

The Arm-Slapping Cure

So I've been having issues with numbness in my left hand while I sleep and sometimes muscle pain and strain when I'm trying to grip things during the day -- I figured it was either early signs of carpal tunnel or maybe I just pulled a muscle schlepping my luggage around Europe this July.

My mom sent me this video and suggested I give this a try -- it's a type of Chinese therapy where you hit certain parts of your body (in this case, the inside crook of my elbow) repetitively for about three minutes. It doesn't hurt because you're hitting yourself.

In a healthy person, if you hit your own arm, that part of your arm will turn reddish. If you have something wrong with you, you'll get black spots instead.

I kind of didn't believe it would work, but while I was watching the video I started slapping the inside of my left arm. About two minutes in, three really scary looking small fingernail-sized black spots appeared out of nowhere on my arm. They don't hurt, but they look like black bruises. Connected to each other, they'd form a right angle, so they're not just haphazardly scattered black spots. And they're not even at the impact point of where I was slapping my arm.

I got really nervous and I called my mom, but she said that's supposed to happen. She told me to keep slapping that part of my arm to help improve the circulation in that spot, but I was too scared I'd get more black spots. From what I understand, the black spots are the bad energies-slash-toxins in your body, and by bringing them to the surface, it helps your circulation break them up. Something like that. I'm explaining it badly.

Anyway, I still have the black spots on my arm today, but for the first time in WEEKS, I didn't wake up with a sleepy hand in the middle of the night and I haven't had any hand pain today.

I don't know what it is, I can't find it on Google, and I certainly can't explain what happened, but it worked. And even though it's terrifying to see random black spots appear on your arm out of nowhere (they're not pretty), the results are pretty incredible for an at-home remedy.