August 12, 2010

24 hours in Bostonia

I'm in Boston tonight and tomorrow. It's been a rather spectacularly bad day for travel -- because of some power outage or signal breakdown in New Jersey, all the Acela trains from New York to Boston were running on 90 minute delays. So instead of arriving at 3:30, I arrived at 5:00. Walked to the hotel, got here at 5:20, and was told my room wasn't ready yet. That was kind of mindblowing. 5:30 p.m. and room not ready? Seriously? Anyway, I guess I'm glad I didn't arrive on time. Imagine waiting around for two hours to check in.

Had a really nice dinner with Leah from Fashionista, Nola from Glam, and Stephanie from -- it was great to catch up and share some gossip. Leah totally dismembered two lobsters in the most professional way I've ever seen anyone dismember anything, and now I'm way impressed. So impressed I might even do a photo gallery of her lobster-dismembering tomorrow on Racked. It was epic.

It's just one night in Boston, so I thought I'd go out and see the town, but we start so early tomorrow morning (7:45!) that I probably should just get some sleep, since I need to get up super-early to file some posts before going off to my day-long conference/seminar on off-price retailing, which I'm actually super-excited about. I've always wanted to know how TJ Maxx and Marshall's worked on the buying end. Where do they get all these clothes? You know what I like most about those stores? Their shoe section and their sheets. Yup.