January 03, 2010

So far in 2010...

... I've eaten some lean turkey, whole grain pasta, salad, other assorted vegetables, some soy milk and pellegrino. Oh, and about 15 clementines. Not bad for three days into 2010, I think. What I've been trying to do is semi-mimic (from memory) some of the meals they served at The Biggest Loser Resort -- the food there was filling and delicious, but very low-calorie. Lots and lots and lots of whole grains, turkey and other lean protein sources (e.g. soy).

The hardest thing for me to change is going to the gym. To be honest, I think I have some kind of gym-phobia. For years, I was a member of the New York Sports Club. To be precise, I was a member for four years. I went three times. That's, like, a $1,000 visit each time. Finally, last September, I canceled my membership. In October I joined Equinox. Yup, guess what, I still haven't been. I thought that by joining a swanky fancy gym, I'd go more, but nope. I get this horrible brain freeze and mini-panic attack when I think about going. It's a paralyzing feeling. Maybe it's because I'm terrible at exercise (and I hate sweating), my body knows that if I go to the gym, I'll be doing something I'm terrible at and sweating (double-whammy feel-gross). I also don't really like being around other people who are also exercising and sweating. And doing something I hate doing in public? Makes me want to die.

The only solution is to make a lot of money, move into a bigger place and build my own home gym. Yup.