January 14, 2010

Apartamento magazine

Ever since Chris introduced me to it last summer in Barcelona, I've become slightly fanatical/obsessed with Apartamento magazine. I just picked this one up while browsing at the mag shop on 18th St. the other day. It features the apartments of famous people such as Chloe Sevigny, Sonic Youth, and Philip Crangi. It's very voyeuristic and humanizing. And the interviews are completely brilliant. Like, Philip Crangi says:

"In 1976 this family moved across the street their son, Jeremy, became my best friend and his Mom, Mrs. Jones, was the craziest nutter I had ever met. She was always in these flowery Laura Ashley dresses that looked like nightgowns, and she had on all this jewelry. She wore her mother's engagement ring, her grandmother's engagement ring and her husband's grandmother's engagement ring. She wore these baby rings that I'd never seen before, and she wore them on the tops of her fingers. She had so much amazing antique jewelry, she wore it all the time, she never took it off. She'd be in the garden, digging, and she'd have the jewelry on. And her house was all antiques, and weird old crap, but in a Florida house with terrazzo floors and jalousie windows. It looked amazing to me! It was, like, this mythical thing."