December 22, 2009

Well said.

I met Jen Bilik on the last day I was at the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah. She is very cool -- runs a business called Knock Knock Stuff, which sells funny, useful products with jaded and witty (and sometimes passive aggressive) statements emblazoned on them.

Anyway, I love her blog, which I first found when doing research about the Biggest Loser Resort. Jen spent ten weeks there total (and worked much harder than my wussy 1 week of whinging and wheezing), and I've been looking forward to reading her summary (she left about a week ago). The summary blog entry is great.

One of the things I really empathize with is her superwoman mono-focus abilities -- she can put her mind to anything and succeed, as long as it's just one thing. "My kryptonite is balance," she says. I totally get that.

Anyway, check it out if you like. Congratulations Jen on losing over 40 pounds!