November 28, 2009

Dear Paragon Sports:

Dear Paragon Sports:

To everyone who works on the second floor? You're lovely. If I ever need bike equipment, outerwear or outdoor footwear, I'll come to you, you guys rock my world.

To the woman in the first floor women's running department who wouldn't help me find a longline sports bra but cornered me and asked to put her commission stickers on my pile of purchases? And to the cashier who acted like I was invisible and didn't even acknowledge, respond to or even look at me when I said hello, thank you, goodbye and handed him hundreds of dollars for stuff I don't actually need? If you need me, I'll be at City Sports.

Seriously, I had half a mind to turn around and return everything I bought after walking out of Paragon today.

And then I went to Barnes & Noble, where everyone is nice, and I felt better.