October 03, 2009

New toy: iPod Touch

Been hankering for a new toy, a media player and Kindle - and since I don't want to switch networks from TMobile to AT&T, I opted for the iPod Touch new gen. Got the 32gb one that supports voice recognition (so I can use Smacktalk!!!) and now I'm obsessed. One of the first apps I downloaded was the free Kindle app, and when I checked out the store, there were so many free books! Man, this thing is gonna pay for itself so fast.

It's a great addition to my new-ish collection of mobile devices. Since I have the Verizon Mifi, I pretty much have wifi wherever I go, so with my new Touch That means I'll also have live streaming music (Pandora), a full live library at my fingertips, tons of utilities from the app store, and of course all my movies, tv shows and music from my own collection.

I am obsessed.

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