October 03, 2009

Mid-season humdrums

Okay, so I've sort of been feeling, in retrospect, that I may have been a little depressed over the past year. Not, like, really clinically depressed, but a little flat. Maybe it was the economy, maybe it was the unexpectedly busy summer, I'm not sure, but at the end of it all I wound up gaining tons of weight this past year, working a lot, not going out (stopping drinking didn't help -- it's awkward to go out and not have a glass...), and more or less becoming more introverted and comfort-focused than I've been in a while, probably since senior year of college. My biggest priorities these days are work, food and sleep, pretty much in that order. Thus the weight gain, hermit-ism, and flatness.

So I've really been trying to take small steps this fall (read: this past week) to turn my focus outward -- away from being a homebody, staying in, working all the time, eating all the time. I haven't really bought myself anything nice all year, so yesterday I went to Bergdorf Goodman and got a pair of Balenciaga flats I've been wanting for a while. And this morning I trudged through the rain to BCBG and bought two dresses. I have a lot of stuff, but right now I just don't feel comfortable in a lot of my clothes, so I need to find nice things to wear while I figure out this weight thing I'm going through. Wearing leggings and big sweaters every day is horrible for my morale.

So, YAY! I got new clothes. Here are the two dresses I picked up at BCBG today -- I really recommend going to the store on lower-Fifth Avenue. It's a really manageable boutique-y size, the sales staff couldn't be nicer or more enthusiastic and their fitting rooms are huuuuge and quiet and all velvet-y -- they reminded me of my favorite dressing rooms ever, in the lingerie department at Selfridges in London, which are all red velet drapes and low lighting.