August 03, 2009

"Somebody Told Me About Carla Bruni"

Tonight I watched the 'Fine Cut' (not final) screener of documentary "Somebody Told Me About Carla Bruni," which airs in September during New York Fashion Week on the Sundance Channel. It's fantastic and I'd highly recommend watching or DVR-ing it when it's on in a few weeks. I didn't know much about Ms. Bruni -- besides seeing her in videos, fashion documentaries (like her particularly memorable turn in 'Unzipped') and reading about her foray into First Lady-life as Madame Sarkozy. In the film she is utterly charming. The director also interviews Ms. Bruni's mother, sister and John Galliano, who designs all the Dior clothes Ms. Bruni wears on her diplomatic excursions. It was especially nice to see the inside of the Elysee Palace and sit with Ms. Bruni while she played the guitar.