August 15, 2009

Second impressions

I'm beginning to wonder what sort of impression people have of me. In the past month two friends have remarked that I don't seem to do anything. "What have you done this year?" one asked at dinner one night. And today, another friend said to me, "You always say you have all this stuff to do but you just watch TV."

I find this strange. And I never know how to answer them.

I mean, not just because I feel really really really busy and don't have an awful lot of free time, but because, right now I'm basically working three jobs (the paper, teaching, and freelancing) plus working on a book proposal. I've never thought I come off as a very laid-back person, in general, so it really seems strange that two people who know me fairly well think I don't do anything at all, besides, I guess, watch tv.

Hm. Sometimes I wish I could see myself from the third-person point of view.