August 05, 2009

Charla Krupp changed the name of her book!

I'm so pleased that Krupp decided to come up with a new name for her book that's slightly more original! Big Yay and thank you so much for everyone who supported me. It may not have seemed like a big deal, but it was a big deal to me, so I really appreciate all the re-Tweets, the news items, and my amazing co-workers for your encouragement and support.

"THE NAME HAS BEEN CHANGED…: The New York Post’s Page Six column on Sunday called out author Charla Krupp for the title of her forthcoming book, “How Not to Look Fat Ever Again,” noting its similarity to Post reporter Danica Lo’s 2006 book, “How Not to Look Fat.” In the item, Lo told Page Six, “For a best-sellling author to try and steamroll a first-time author and steal my title is truly shameful.”

Now Lo may be happy to hear Krupp has responded by changing her title to “How to Never Look Fat Again.” “Even though I was not legally required to change the title of my forthcoming book, I do not want the title to cloud the release of the book with any negativity,” said Krupp, who is also a contributor to People StyleWatch. “In any case, thank you to Danica — I now have an even better title.” The book will be published in March by Springboard Press, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing."

— A.W.