August 15, 2009

Biolage Matrix Age Rejuvenating Intensive Masque

I've used Terax Crema conditioner for more than 10 years -- since sophomore year of college, actually. I love it, it's amazing, it keeps my waist-length hair knot-free, sleek and shiny. It's practically a godsend.

But, man am I sick of shelling out $50 for it every couple of months.

So, in a newfound effort to redirect more funds towards my credit card bill (and away from my hair follicles), I've been on a hunt for a really great conditioner that won't break the bank. Or, at least, costs significantly less than Terax's Crema.

Every day this week I've been using Biolage by Matrix's Age Rejuvenating Intensive Masque as my conditioner. It's pretty damn good -- there's no slick conditioner texture or residue. As soon as you scoop it out of the jar, you can tell it's a concentrated masque formula that isn't just a quick-fix silicone follicle coat.

It leaves my hair super-sleek, static- and frizz-free, knot-free, and not at all weighed down. The thing I've loved about Terax all this time is that it makes my hair super-soft -- a friend of mine once remarked after using it that Terax Crema actually changes the texture of your hair -- and I think that the results that this Matrix masque gives is just as good -- if not better. Some women I know have complained that Crema has left their hair so soft that it becomes difficult to style. The Matrix masque seems to yield a more manageable result.

You can get it for about $20 online, but if you order from UK distributors, it's only about $12 -- that's nearly half price!

Next week I'm going to be giving another conditioner/mask a spin. I won't stop until I find something perfect and affordable.