July 05, 2009

Suzy Menkes on writing from pictures

From her interview with Tim Jackson in the University of the Arts London Alumni Magazine:
"One thing I find dispiriting is that I can always tell whether someone is writing from pictures. However experienced you are and however sharp your eye, you simply cannot take in more than four things at once -- the silhouette, the colour, the shoes, the jewellery. Once you go beyond that, the truth is, people are just copying things off the screen. For a start, you never see the back of an outfit in pictures and in some cases, say for Haider Ackermann and design duo Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, the back is absolutely their fetish, so you're not getting the right story. I myself am incapable of judging when it's simply online -- you don't see the fabrics and these days the fabrics are so important. The other things that I feel incredibly strongly about is that now all these bloggers think that they have an absolute ability to judge a show."