June 21, 2009

Perfect day

Here I am, corner Senato and Venezia, outside Borsalino waiting for Aleksi and Charlie. Aleksi says he needs to buy a hat.

It's been gorgeous every day here -- today it's about 90, perfect blue skies, sunny, not too humid. Been raining at night, though, which is hard on the shoes. Anyway, I'm so pleased to be here soaking up the sun strolling from one work appointment to another. Sometimes I forget why I got into fashion writing, mostly when the weather outside is dreadful and I'm stuck in an office all day, but being here reminds me why I love what I do. Like yesterday, it was kind of a haul from Porta Genova, where Tuomas + Anna's showroom is, to Via San Luca, where the Trussardi show was, but the weather was gorgeous. I've never been to a menswear show before, I mean, besides Raf Simons at Bercy, and the atmosphere is so nice, really clubby and friendly. Totally laid back, no celebrity nonsense.

And then today I had an interview appointment for a story, so I caught the metro to Duomo and strolled over to the Piazza Scala. Met an amazing person, had a great interview -- I love when I interview someone I've never met and they are fantastic, and not just a great interview, but really good people.

Perfect day.

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