June 14, 2009

Motivation, low.

So instead of doing all my laundry, I decided that it would be smarter to throw out the clothes I shouldn't own -- I've always loved home-clothes, stuff like T-shirts, floppy sweatpants and ridiculous novelty things that never see the light of the outside world. So I've got a lot of stuff that falls into that category. And it's ridiculous, I live in a studio. Every time I go to someone else's place, I marvel at how well-edited their stuff is. And then I realized that it's not that they're well-edited, it's that I just have too much stuff. So I'm purging my apartment (again. Doesn't it seem like I'm doing this every six months? I'm going to stop buying things and stop bringing things home from the office.). My motivation is low today, I'd rather be writing. But laundry must get done so I have something to take with me to Milan/Barcelona. Maybe a shower will wake me up.