June 16, 2009

Maggot in the arm.

A particularly poignant passage from the Daily Mail story about the woman who ended up with a maggot crawling out of her arm after a vacation in Kenya:
The treatment was almost as grotesque as the problem. You must not gouge the larva out. It has to be lured out by suffocating it: in its search for air, it wriggles out.

Apparently, in Africa, bacon is used. In the Royal Free, they went for Vaseline. Half a tub was slathered over the area, then a clear, airtight plastic dressing was fixed on top. 'Go shopping and come back in three hours,' I was told.

There is not much that makes me Definitely Not Feel Like Shopping, but strutting around Hampstead with an African maggot chewing its way out of my body really put me off.