June 18, 2009

Madrid airport

The airport is inscrutable -- somehow "Terminal 2" secretly means "Areas D&E" -- and we had to walk up and down four flights of stairs with all our stuff (??) but the view outside is quite something.

I'm in Madrid on a short layover waiting to leave for Milan. I liked Air Europa, not a lot, but it was great value for money. What was sort of weird was that the armrests raised, but not all the way -- they stopped somewhere around 75 degrees-ish. So everyone who had a row to themself had to get all contortionist and wedge themself under a row of half-lifted armrests. Odd. But they do serve dinner and breakfast on the long-haul from JFK. The flight attendants are super-pleasant. And the English announcements are completely unintelligible. I'd fly Air Europa again, sure. Maybe next time to somewhere beachy. Ibiza anyone?

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