June 16, 2009

Front row

Fashion people know how to throw a good awards show. I mean, we have the skill sets. First, there's the (our) notoriously short attention span -- 18 minute collections anyone? -- then, there's the sharp aesthetic awareness, and finally, we're all so bitchy we can't stand anything that's even a hint of annoying. So the CFDA Awards tonight were fantastic, super fun. Tracey Ullman was a great host -- funny but not abrasive -- and the presenters (Justin Timberlake! Jimmy Fallon!) were stellar. I was sort of nervous, though, because I knew a lot of journalists weren't allowed inside, and KCD runs a tight ship, so when I was allowed inside, I was excited. And then when my ticket showed I had a front-row seat? I was thrilled. But nervous. See, every time I get a front row seat somewhere, at fashion shows, at stuff like this, I'm always nervous that someone's made a mistake. It's such a huge honor to sit in the midst of these brilliant nominees and huge major editors, I felt really lucky to be there. Anyway, the thing I took away with me tonight is the feeling that I want to do good work. The journalist/print honorees -- people like Jim Moore, the creative director of GQ, and Edward Nardoza of WWD -- are such inspiring, softspoken hard working diligent people. Seeing the montages of their work was so inspirational.