June 01, 2009

Eating vegetables has done wonders for my disposition

Hair in hot rollers, cup of tea with honey -- Hamptons Raw Honey, this is the first time I've bought it and to be honest, first impressions are that it tastes the way Petco smells, right, er -- fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, dried fruit snack before heading out to the Visionaire Calvin Klein party for which I will be woefully underprepared and underdressed. Dress Code is White, which seriously, they might as well have made the dress code yellow, or mauve, or puce, because white is as difficult a color as any. Maybe not for boys, who can look charming and all Fire Island/Miami in a white T-shirt and white pants (though I imagine, en masse, tonight might just wind up looking like Calvin Klein catering staff are having an afterparty somewhere) but for girls. Save the especially svelte pneumatic blonde types, I don't know any woman who actually owns a white party dress. I managed to find a random white dress on one of my rails, being viciously oppressed in between some mean black tulle and aloof black cashmere, but I haven't decided whether or not to wear it. Dress codes are difficult -- when one's explicit on the invitation, you pretty much have to follow it, otherwise you look stupid and/or rude.

Eating all these organic vegetables and being down with an ear infection for the past few days (who gets ear infections anymore at this age?) and thereby unable to drink anything harder than an Odwalla soy protein shake, I've gotten all pleasant and calm. I do think that eating meat, specifically land animals, makes people slightly more aggressive. I remember when I first moved to London, I was pretty much vegetarian. About six months into fashion school I started eating meat again, either out of boredom or stress, I can't remember, but I remember the week I did, two of my friends staged an intervention to find out if something was wrong, or I was manic depressive or something because they could see I'd changed. I couldn't feel it consciously, but they were probably right.

I kind of like this calm.