May 31, 2009

Rojas says I should "take the next step" and get a blu-ray player. Why are region-free blu-ray players so expensive?

I'm not exactly what you'd call an "early adopter" with most technology -- save Blackberries, of course, of which I absolutely must have the brand-newest one before it even hits stores or I will for sure die. Blu-ray is something I've only started hearing about over the past couple of years. For someone like me who doesn't even know where the HD channels are on my HD TV (even though I pay my con-artist cable company extra every month for HD channels), I imagine blu-ray will be a mystery to me for a few years yet to come. This might be the thing that will peg me forever as a luddite last-generationer to the kids, anti-age undereye serum be damned. I'll probably wait until the prices on region-free blu-ray players come down to at least the mid-$200s. I can't give up my duty-free European airport HMV/FNAC shopping sprees just yet.