May 26, 2009

Leaning in

So since I got back from Dubai last Monday, and kind of the few weeks leading up to going to Dubai, I've been doing this little experiment with my eating. See, about a month ago, I started to consciously choose to eat in a predominantly vegetarian way. It just kind of happened that way. The weather was getting a bit warmer, a little more humid, and I didn't want to eat heavy foods. But along with eating more vegetarian, I noticed that I started to have more energy, my skin was better, and I dropped a lot of the water weight I'd been carrying around. So about a week and a half before leaving, and since coming back, I've been -- as Oprah and Kathy Freston call it -- "leaning into" a raw food way of eating. To be honest, I'm kind of embarrassed to be admitting it, because, let's face it, it's kind of not cool to care so much about what you eat and how it affects you -- it's just not a chic thing, right? I mean, it's trendy, just not chic. Anyway, here's me emerging from the darkness of denial. So for the past week or so I've really made a strong effort to eat mostly raw -- at least 70 percent. Truth be told, it's got a lot to do with being in my early-30s, seeing those first signs of aging, and wanting the external benefits that raw foodists are always talking about. I'm looking for the glow, the perfect skin, the inner and outer calm. Stuff like that.

Not sure how it's going, besides the fact that I have a sore throat today. I'm eating tons of fruits and organic salads. It might just a phase, to be honest, knowing me. More to come.