May 03, 2009

The Bamboozle May 2, 2009

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I love Bamboozle, there's always great people-watching.

Tons of activism and charity-driven merch this year. Lots of people were wearing this "Fuck Cancer" T-shirt. There was also a "Fuck Swine Flu" T-shirt for sale, but it wasn't nearly as sparkly gold and nice.

Started the day with a fantastic set by Metro Station. It's so rare to see a band live and be instantly converted to fandom, but I'm so into them now, am totally buying their albums.

Really excited to see the Bloodhound Gang play "Bad Touch" -- Really didn't know any of their other songs.

Not sure how I feel about Cobra Starship, to be honest, but their set was definitely the most visually interesting of the daytime shows.

Mr. Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, actually had an amazing set. Sorry I missed half of it to run over to see Mickey...

Snapped the LMFAO guys at their merch stand signing autographs. Wanted to buy the hot pink "I'm in Miami Bitch" T-shirt, but the huge one on the wall was the only one they had left. Caught their performance in the tent later on and I felt like I was at a Bar Mitzvah.

Mickey Avalon was brilliant, and drew a crowd I totally did not expect him to draw -- lots of tough guys and frat boys. But he didn't sing his biggest hit, 'My Dick.'

Surprise band, Journey, rocked.