April 01, 2009

Things that make me happy

a.m.: Comme des Garcons. Waking up with good skin. Diner breakfasts. New bi-annual magazines to look at. Karl Lagerfeld documentaries. Fake eyelashes. Colorful low-calorie drinks that come in bottles. Take-offs and landings. Toffee. Oxford. Rock shows. New projects. Helsinki in the summertime with friends. Silence. College library reading rooms. Autobiographies. Featherbeds. Noodles. more, update, 7 p.m.: Paris fashion week. Male models in Tuomas's shows. Empty bookstores. DVDs. Hedgehogs. Friendly animals. Bunnies. School friends. Film cameras. Brasseries and cafes. Road trips. Airplane movies. Long drives. Not talking. Lying in the sun. Three-ring binders and loose-leaf paper. Two glasses of wine. The future.