April 30, 2009

The thing about being 30

It's something that's been written about forever, that you hear, read and see on television, in film, in science -- but I never believed it until it happened to me and my friends (both guys and girls).

When you turn 30, everything becomes clear. It's like this great fog lifts -- a fog you never knew was there before. And all of a sudden you're incredibly focused, have a nearly overnight transition to amazing clarity of thought, are producing the best, most efficient work of your life, need far less sleep than before, and, for me, more than ever, know exactly what I want and how to get it. My friends and I think it might have something to do with hormones settling down, and our bodies finally getting used to themselves. I don't know what it is, but I kind of like it.

Even though I did a lot of stuff in my 20s, I vividly remember feeling like I spent the entire decade haphazardly throwing spaghetti against the wall, waiting to see what stuck. I really bumbled through those ten years of my life -- pie-in-the-sky goals, bad relationships, misguided decision-making. I never really knew what I was doing or where I was going -- I just knew I had to keep moving. Oh, and of course, there's no one as impossibly (uncomfortably) smug as a 20-something, so I'm pretty sure I was a total prat. But looking back, my closest friends and I joke that we wish we could have skipped our 20s, that they were pretty much a big waste of time (-- only semi-joking...).

Anyway, that's the thought for the day. 30-something isn't that bad -- in fact, it's pretty much great, far better than my 20s. What did Carrie say in Sex and the City? Something like: Your 20s are for making the mistakes. Your 30s are for learning the lessons.