April 09, 2009

From Vogue Hommes International, "Unhappy Endings"

"Jean Cocteau and Jean Marais were united by that same impression, for the writer, of coming face-to-face with one of his characters. Marais bore a striking resemblance to the male figures Cocteau was sketching long before they crossed paths, and because of this the actor became the writer's protégé and enjoyed his loyalty and affection for many years. They met in 1937, when the young Marais was auditioning for a part. Cocteau was so deeply troubled by this incarnation of his aesthetic and erotic obsessions that it was some time before he felt able to contact him.

Cocteau fell in love with Marais and made him a star, casting him in almost all his films, from Beauty and the Beast to Orphée. Marais later confessed that for him, it had never been love at first sight but he had decided to use the opportunity to further his career. Despite this, the two men remained genuinely close until the poet's death."

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