April 11, 2009

Countdown to Bamboozle

I can't even describe how happy The Bloodhound Gang's 'Bad Touch' makes me. And I am SO EXCITED to see them, and a bazillion other bands, at Bamboozle on May 2. Maxine and I always go one of the two days and this year we picked day 1. We're always the, uh, oldest people there (besides the parents who come along to chaperone), but it's still super-super-fun.

The first year we went, we were all the way at the front of the crowd for the AFI set (love Davey Havok, LOVE). It was one of those crowds where, even before the band goes on, your feet aren't even touching the ground -- you're just being swept around, side to side by all the people crashing around you. Body surfers coming overhead, bottles being thrown, total madhouse. So AFI starts playing and two songs in, one crowd-surfer comes overhead and knocks off Maxine's hat and sunglasses -- she's okay, though -- but two minutes later, another guy comes over and lands on her neck (side note: I think there is a purpose to keeping your hands in the proverbial and literal air during a show -- to keep people from crashing down onto your head...). She's okay for a minute, but then turns to me and says, "Um, I think I need to go."

It takes us about 20 minutes to push our way out of the crowd to the First Aid tent, where she fills out some paperwork and we sit down to wait to be seen. After a few minutes, the doctor walks over, holding a clipboard with her patient information form clipped to it and this is, literally, how the beginning of the conversation goes:

> Uh, you're 25?

> Yes.

> WHAT are you DOING here?