April 17, 2009

Avoiding Topshop -- until today.

I love Topshop in London, like, too much. When I lived there, I'd wander down Oxford Street to the flagship at least four times a week to check out the new merch that would arrive in store every day. There's no shopping experience in the world that gets me more in "The Zone" -- there's something about that shop, the layout, the organized chaos, the lighting, the music, that speaks to the shopping monster deep inside of me, and I can spend hours there looking at everything, trying things on, rooting through the endless racks of handbags, shelves of shoes, and rails of clothes.

So maybe it's kind of weird that I've really resisted going to the new Topshop in New York since it opened a couple of weeks ago. First of all, the massive crowds make me kind of nervous. Also, all the hype. I feel like everyone I know is walking around wearing Topshop now, and the hard-to-get-ness of the stuff is gone, making it ever so slightly less interesting. ANYWAY all that said, I've made an appointment with myself to go this afternoon, finally. Super-excited, actually. Plus, I just looked at the weather report and it says it'll be 72 and sunny this afternoon, so today should be a charm -- lunch at Spice Market, quick pop by the office, then TGI-see-ya-Monday, off to Topshop...