March 08, 2009

Refocus, Reuse, Recycle

Currently, overhauling bathroom, throwing out millions of products. Must streamline. Next, closet. Everything's got to go. I can't believe it's taken me this long. When I first bought my apartment I had this vision of swanning around a white concrete box in my blobby black clothing listening to depressive early Jay Jay Johanson. Now it's me in a white/grey box with a ton of stuff, and sometimes I listen to Now That's What I Call Music. Sharon thinks I'm a packrat, but I'm not -- none of the stuff I have is old, it's all new. I just have a lot of stuff coming my way and I haven't developed any way to move stuff out. I'm actually quite pleased with the progress I've made so far, but there's still a long way to go. I think I spent last year filling some kind of emotional void by buying and bringing home lots of things I don't need and have nowhere to put. New year, new me.