March 01, 2009

The new spring minimalism

I used to use "I'm cleaning my apartment" as an excuse to avoid going out on the weekends, but this weekend I'm cleaning my apartment for real. I've had zero days off in the last three weeks and am really really bad at hanging up clothes after I come home from work, so there's just tons of stuff everywhere. The only floor space that's left is a path from my bed to the bathroom and to the door. I haven't set foot in my kitchen in ages. I'm also getting rid of massive amounts of stuff I don't need -- old perfumes, beauty products that I'll never try, old clothes (for someone who never really wears T-shirts, I sure do have a lot of T-shirts...). Everything has got to go. All I want to see in my apartment are clean white surfaces with sculptural things set on them, if that. If I get really crazy, I'm going to cover all my books with white wax paper, like they've covered the cookbooks at the Better Homes & Gardens test kitchen.