February 17, 2009

Today: Wall-hitting

Light day today, but after lunch and filing for Wednesday, I really hit a wall this afternoon, thought I might pass out at my desk. Went for a drink backstage with Tim & Jason, which was super-fun. Me and Jason camped out in a corner with a bottle while Tim ran around taking pictures of/with everything/everyone. The sugar and the bubbles helped. Then the William Rast show, which started 10 minutes after 7, WHAT. Who does JT think he is, Marc Jacobs? Seriously. Dinner with the boys, joined by Scott, who I've never met in person but is my Facebook friend. Right now I am beyond happy to be home and nearly bedbound.

Tomorrow, 2347829374829 shows. Will probably wear flats.

OH and I just learned that S is coming to town in 18 days, Yay!