February 27, 2009

I love Gerard Way

I have this really vivid memory of standing way back, by the merch stands, when My Chem went on as the last act of the day at Bamboozle one year. It was awe-inspiring. 40,000 people just stood still in the dark outside and the stage lit up what seemed like miles away and all I saw was little blonde Gerard Way singing his heart out. It was unbelievable. And then Black Parade came on and everyone knew the words, all 40,000 people. One of the best moments ever at a show. I'm trying to convince Maxine to go to the boozle again this year so we can see, uh, Fall Out Boy, Gwar, and the Bloodhound Gang. Bad Touch, man, one of the catchiest songs ever. In the meantime, I'm watching My Chem's Watchmen video on repeat.