February 07, 2009

All these mascaras on my desk and I can't find the one I want to use today.

I have a few dumb problems -- most of which are a result of bad editing in my life and lack of self-restraint. Like this -- why do I have so many mascaras? I bet I have more. And I'll bet they're in the silver makeup bag underneath the trough of cream eyeshadows I just brought home -- all of these things are on my living room floor, in front of my cable box (making it impossible to change channels with my remote) underneath the 800 CDs arranged in Case Logic cases, which are under a pile of new CDs I just brought home from the office. I also have a huuuuge silk bag of fake eyelashes hanging off my shoe rack, which houses about 50 pairs of my 100+ pairs of shoes. But I only wear Converse, Margiela Tabis, or Uggs all the time. And to my right on the floor there's a crumpled heap of 50-60 "eco" bags. Yeah, that's eco, 60 of them that I never take anywhere. Sometimes I use them as shoe bags or wire bags when I pack. I think I need to move and not take any of my stuff with me. Start from scratch. Mama needs a country house...

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