January 23, 2009

I complained a lot today

Classes were great this morning, got a ton done at school. Then work was normal, fun as usual. Lunch was a disaster. Shoot turned out well, I'm floored we finished seven looks in four hours, but hey, everyone was amazing. But the party we were trying to shoot around? What a disaster. It was the Fashion meets Finance party where guys who work in finance go to try to meet fashion industry girls and vice versa. What a clusterf-. Seriously. Liza and I were joking about how these guys ought to be required to wear their net worth on their T-shirts. Thank god we had a reflector to hide behind most of the time. The poor models we were shooting -- as we were walking one of the models from the floor to our room, some crazy guy grabbed her arm and shouted, "DO YOU LIKE SEAFOOD!?" Liza and I's first instincts was: Protect the model! So we totally body-blocked him. We are a good team. I've been awake for 18 hours now, and been wearing creeepers for 17 of those hours. Time to lie down. Night night.