January 17, 2009

Everyone else has off on Monday

When I'm tired and it's cold out, I get a hive under my right eye. It only stays there for an hour or so, but it's not pretty. I call it my "sleepy hive."

Had a relatively productive back-in-the-office-after-vaca day today. Met up with Todd Hanshaw mid-day, he's the fashion director for the Wynn properties in Las Vegas, and he is brilliant. We had a really good chat and I learned so much about the way fashion retail works in Vegas. Super-interesting stuff, I'm hoping to get some of it up on the nypost.com HiLo blog in the next week.

We landed yesterday at JFK about ten minutes before the US Air plane landed/crashed into the Hudson River. The whole thing was really scary because my brother and I had just landed and my sister was still in the air. And all I could think of this morning is: "I wonder what PETA would say. Someone should call PETA." Because PETA always goes on and on about animal rights, I wonder whether they'd call it the other way around -- i.e. the plane flying into the geese rather than the geese flying into the plane. Would PETA call it goose-murder? I guess we'll never know. PETA really irritates me, in general.