January 29, 2009


This is such a smart story from today's NY Times -- all about defriending (they call it unfriending) people on Facebook. I've definitely defriended people -- mostly people I don't know who've requested me as a friend and then proceed to torment me with spam messages, self-promotional wall postings (on my wall! Like my friend Sam says, "I don't go over to your house and scribble on your kitchen counter."), invitations to join fan groups celebrating themselves, etc. I've defriended people who use their status updates to rave about nights out and bottle service at superclubs (sorry, I get embarrassed just reading those), people who lift my contact information and e-mail from my profile and spam me at my work and personal emails, publicists who pitch me on Facebook, people who constantly name-drop in their status updates, and people I don't know, have never met, and have no association with who leave me regular Wall postings like, "Hey Danica, what's up?" Yeah, you're defriended, that's what's up.