January 20, 2009

Circuit City liquidation sale = l.a.m.e

Stopped by the midtown Circuit City on the way home and was totally disappointed at the lame 10 to 20 percent discounts off MSRP prices. Regular Circuit City prices were far lower than these! Left empty-handed.

I'm super-excited about teaching my first college courses tomorrow morning. What to wear, what to wear. Photocopied my syllabus a million times today, and got all eco shrinking the font and photocopying on two sides of each sheet of paper -- though Kinko's charges you the same whether you use a new sheet of paper or not. Charge-per-printed-page, I guess, which is kind of unfair. I know, from working at a newspaper, that between paper and ink, paper is, by far, the greater expense.

I've been blogging more fashion stuff over at blogs.nypost.com/hilo so check over there for pretty pictures.