January 22, 2009

At Asiate, they treat Rosé like soda.

I asked for a little ice, not McDonalds-level amounts.

This was our lunch: Got to Asiate in the Mandarin Oriental for our 1:30 p.m. reservation. Waited 20-25 minutes to be seated. Sat down between 1:50 and 1:55. Waiter came over, blamed us for late seating: "Well, you should have told us you were five, we could have seated you faster," even though our table was set for five. "Just water right?" he said. Took our orders. I ordered a glass of rose, with a little ice, which in the rest of the restaurant industry means two or three cubes. Got a McDonalds-amount of ice. Decided they must be taking the piss because we're there for restaurant week. All food came out room temperature or lukewarm, rather bad congealed room-temperature pasta. Check unceremoniously dropped off. In and out in 45 minutes at Asiate.

I mean, I am kind of shocked. This is not the recession face businesses ought to be putting on.