January 11, 2009

Apple cider, donuts, packing, syllabus

Popped by the greenmarket today to pick up some local stuff, I was all motivated this morning to get outside -- but I kind of wound up with a hodge podge of groceries I'm not sure what to do with. I got some carrots and Russian banana potatoes, some local eggs and fettucine-made-from-these-eggs, pickles, and some apple cider products. I've never really really bought this much stuff at the greenmarket -- usually I walk through and end up with four parsnips and a rhubarb pie -- so I know this is going to sound pretty dumb, but the products taste really good. The eggs are eggier and the apple cider is robust. I haven't had the produce yet, but the carrots are super-orange and look carrot-ier than the usual plastic-wrapped carrots I get at the supermarket. It was also cheaper. What have I been doing with myself all these years? Eating from a refrigerator case, I guess.

So I'm packing today and writing the syllabus for the classes I'll be teaching at LIM. I've never written a formal syllabus before, so it's pretty exciting.